Friday, November 21, 2008

New Project Part 7

It's a lot closer to be finished for the winter. The siding should be finished this weekend. The rain gutters still need to be installed at some point. The last power and drywall inspection will take place in a week or so when ever I get so time to complete those items. After that last inspection takes place it will be great. Here are more pictures for you to look at.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Project Part 6

The inspection went well so now it's time to move on.
Since the weather has held out for us I can get the siding and the sectional doors and the entry door on the building before the snow falls. Which is great, Now here are some more photo's for you to look at.

New Project Part 5

Now it's getting closer to being buttoned up for the winter. That happens to be the goal for now seems that I just spend more and more money on this thing every day. I need to get passed this next inspection for my 1 hour rated wall since it is to close to the property line. The city requested that because of the Building Codes. Now that the exterior wall is about finished I will move on to the interior wall. Then after the inspection then I can move at my own speed. Not on winters time. So now enjoy some more photo's.